Sumi Mahmud

Strategic branding and design that perfectly expresses the value of what you do.

I’m Sumi and I help small business owners create compelling brands
Through a collaborative process, we’ll define your brand story and craft powerful visual designs for your business so you can make a lasting impact on your audience.
Mercy Hilltop Center Website
Tyers Consulting Website
Trade & Development Website
The Edge Artist Website
Oodle: The Noodle Bar Corporate Branding & Stationary
Room 33 Brand Icon
The Edge Artist Brand Mark
CDR UK Aid Contractors Publication
Oodle: The Noodle Bar Dynamic Logo
Tyers Consulting Business Cards
How about we work together?
My approach to branding combines in-depth brand strategy with visual storytelling. My clients and I work one-on-one to uncover their brand’s purpose, values and attributes, before transforming them into captivating designs that resonate with their target market.
If that sounds like what you need, let’s get talking.
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