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My name is Sumi. I am a product manager and designer, storyteller, data specialist, entrepreneur, globetrotter, and avid foodie. Keep scrolling to get acquainted.

An entrepreneurial agile product manager with an extensive design and data background.
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Product lead. Data lead. 
Leading agile research, discovery, development, test, delivery, and management processes of data-driven products guided by strategic roadmaps for integrated products’ scalable lifecycle management
Product: Agile product manager. UI designer. UX researcher. Business and marketing strategist. 
Data: Applied machine learning engineer, competitive intelligence analyst, and data scientist.
Product: 8+ years in product design and 5+ years managing product teams. 
Data: 2+ years in competitive data science and applied ML engineering.
Currently based in Dubai, UAE. Previously in Erie, PA, USA. Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Raised in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India. 
Professional and academic background, technical competencies, certifications, conferences, awards, publications, language proficiencies, and social work
Agile product management
My process philosophy relies on using an agile product development methodology for scrum management. Encouraging an iterative approach to product planning and implementation to respond quickly to feedback and build products that customers love. Focusing on an adaptive product development strategy working in sprints. Building cross-functional teams in an iterative, collaborative, and agile environment.
[agile product lifecycle management work]
Product portfolio
Case studies and previous work showcasing research, discovery, development, testing, delivery, and management deliverables.
[digital design work]
Design portfolio
Previous digital design works showcasing web/mobile app UI, brand identity/logo, publications, poster, print/digital marketing collateral, business collateral, illustrations, iconography, digital series, and more.
[data science work]
Data portfolio
Showcasing novel data analytics, data science, machine learning and deep learning engineering applications.
Freelance services
Avail my services to define your business stories into purposefully crafted designs that leave behind a powerful, lasting impact on your audience. I strive to collaboratively work one-on-one with clients to uncover their brand’s purpose, values and attributes. I focus on transforming strategies into visually compelling and captivating designs that resonate with the target market.
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