Oodle: The Noodle Bar
Brand identity kit, stationary, packaging, brand manual, brand brief

Creating the corporate identity for Oodle: The Noodle Bar, a conceptual brand, included a dynamic logo design that is applicable to the ever changing needs of the brand. The branding collateral included is a brand brief, brand manual, corporate stationary , menu design, and packaging design. InDesign was used to create develop layouts and Illustrator was used to create the logo as well as all brand elements. These designs for Oodle: The Noodle Bar demanded a customized take away Ramen packaging that is suitable for solid and liquid content. The soup container that can be customized for 6oz or 12oz of liquid Ramen broth, and the take-out box can be customized for single or family servings of the noodles and the condiments. Both of these items are made to fit into the customized carry case that serves design and functionality of the products.
Restaurant Brand Identity Kit
Dynamic logo
Brand stationary
Letterhead, business cards, door hanger, loyalty card, menu design
Take away packaging
Soup container, noodle container, take-away carry case
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