Gatsby Spectacles
Brand Wordmark
Drawing further inspiration from Art Deco typography, this wordmark plays on the concept of the owl-eyed spectacles out of Great Gatsby. The two ‘O’s are impregnated by two number ‘3’s, alluding to the name ‘Room 33.’ A mysterious yet clean approach to this speakeasy and cafe, in keeping Art Deco alive in this 21st century.
Glasgow Rose
Speakeasy Brand Icon
In addition to the explicit wordmark, an accompanying brand icon becomes part of the kit to signify and establish the speakeasy concept of the brand. This brand icon is a take on the Glasgow rose, illustrated out of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s rose that grew out of the Glasgow School of Art, to create a significant symbolic appearance in the Art Deco period. This brand icon may serve as a secretive and mysterious accent to the brand’s overall Image, it’s collateral and Merchandising. In turn helping the customers to remember and associate with the brand better – making the brand iconic.

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